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B2B Email Marketing Strategy: How to Connect with your Ideal Clients Effectively

Updated: May 18

How Much Time And Money Do You Spend On Email Marketing? 

Not enough, probably. 

The stats speak for themselves. 

✔️ Email marketing accounts for 174% more conversions than social media.

✔️ Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%.

✔️ The average order value from an email is 3x higher than social media.

For many business owners, email marketing is the NUMBER 1 way they drive profits to their business.

Email marketing WORKS. Here’s why.

1. Do you have Social Media Ad Fatigue? 🥱😴

Where are you reading this? Curled up on the sofa with a coffee? Waiting in the line at the grocery store? Grabbing a quick break at work? 

Do you want to BUY stuff online right now? No, right?

There’s a lot going on in the world, and people are getting tired of being bombarded with sales messages all day long. I know I am. 

Email marketing is different because when people click on your email, they have made a choice to engage with you. They want to get to know you better and hear about what you have to offer. 

Plus, they’re so much more receptive because they’ve chosen to open your email rather than being interrupted while they’re chilling out on social media. 

2. What happens when the algorithm changes?

Having a huge following on LinkedIn might be gratifying, but the truth is you don’t own that number, however big it is. The algorithm might change tomorrow or new rules governing how businesses can use the platform could be introduced. If this is your biggest source of leads, this could be a real problem for your business.

And even if nothing quite so dramatic happens, right now social media platforms censor who sees your post. So instead of battling the algorithm, build an audience you have control over – your email list. That way you write an email, you send an email, they receive an email.

3. Make friends with your customers by connecting with them on a deeper level

Email is one of the most intimate forms of marketing because it puts you in your customer’s inbox, along with messages from their friends and family and other people they’ve chosen to connect with.

Be respectful of their space. 

Your aim should be to deepen your connection with them and develop a long-lasting friendship. 

Ultimately you want them to buy from you, but they will only do this once they know, like, and trust you. So use your emails to show they made the right decision connecting with you.

Show them that they’re in the right place by illustrating that you understand their challenges and can provide the perfect solution for them. 

Demonstrate your expertise by sharing tips that help them. 

Serve them with valuable information they find useful. If you do something for them, such as help them solve a problem, they’ll get to know, like and trust you – and are more likely to take the next step to work with you.

How can you make email work for your business?

You need to email your customers frequently so they get to know you and your business. 

You need to provide such amazing value, that they open every single one of your emails to see what’s inside.

You need to show them that you understand their challenges and they can TRUST you to provide the solution.

How do you do this? With smart weekly emails to nurture your audience and timely email sequences to launch your offers.

What to know more? I'd love to help you create an email marketing strategy that helps you nurture your network. Get in touch!

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