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B2B Copywriting Services

Content Strategy & Copywriting Services for Consultants

Focus your marketing. Streamline your processes. Fill your pipeline with perfect-fit prospects.

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You’ve built a successful business by leveraging your network and referrals. 

Imagine what you could do if you had a solid marketing machine working on your behalf 24/7…

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Instead of spending time, money and energy on marketing strategies that aren't getting results...

✔️ Increase your visibility

✔️ Raise your profile as a thought leader

✔️ Build relationships with the people you really want to reach

Because even if you get most of your clients from referrals, all of them check your website and LinkedIn profile before they contact you.

And they check out your competitors too. 

Plus, it’s really difficult to scale your business and drive the revenue you’re capable of unless you reach potential clients who don’t know you yet.

And if you aren’t marketing consistently, you’re missing the opportunity to help your prospects get to know you and your business before they reach out. 

This is how you get to an easier yes.

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3 truths about using content for lead generation

You don’t need *lots* of content. You need smart, targeted content you can reuse and repurpose. This will not only save you time, it will also ensure your messaging is consistent which makes it easier for clients to notice, remember, and refer you.

➡ You don’t need to be everywhere. You don’t need to tweet all the time, or go live on Facebook every day, or figure out reels and TikTok. You need to focus on one or two lead generation strategies that have the highest ROI for your business.

➡ You don’t need to figure this out yourself. You can work with a content strategist to create a step by step road map, and then choose if you want to implement in-house or outsource.

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Take control of your sales pipeline. Create a marketing machine that:

✔️ Works hard to attract the people you want – and filters out those you don’t. Fill your pipeline with potential clients who are a match for your services, values, and price. 

✔️ Highlights what’s different about you. Stand out from your competitors and attract people who don’t just want what you offer, they want YOU. 

✔️ You’re proud to share. Build a marketing machine that clearly demonstrates your expertise and the professionalism of your business.

✔️ Nurtures your potential clients until they’re ready to buy. Stay top of mind and grow know, like and trust without using sales tactics that feel inauthentic.

✔️ Is streamlined, efficient and do-able. Create quality marketing assets that can be reused and repurposed saving you time and money.

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Attract more of the right clients, stay top of mind with your network, and create an online presence that truly reflects your business.

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Work with me …


The Lead Generation Roadmap

Step 1: Positioning Workshop. 

We start with an in-depth workshop, where you’ll finally get to the bottom of who your ideal client is and how to speak to them in a way that stops their scroll. We’ll also dig into what’s different about you so you can stand out from others in your industry. If you’ve found positioning hard to do effectively in the past, don’t worry. I have frameworks and templates to guide you through. By the end of this workshop you’ll know

Step 2: Marketing Roadmap. 

After the workshop, I’ll review your existing marketing  – website, social media channels, print marketing and any other – and create a roadmap to embed your new messaging consistently across all your platforms. You’ll get quick fixes you can action immediately and longer term goals to maximise your presence. 

Your Lead Generation Roadmap includes:

✔️ A detailed messaging playbook so when you’re creating content (or even just talking about your business) you know exactly how to communicate your value clearly and consistently. 

✔️ A marketing crib sheet that gathers your key messages into one place to make it easy to achieve clarity in your marketing and keep your messaging top of mind for yourself, your clients and your team. 

✔️ Examples of how to turn your new messaging into content, including a one-liner / “I help…” statement and example emails and social posts.

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The Marketing Performance Package

In addition to everything in the Lead Generation Roadmap:

✔️ We’ll meet for a quarterly content call where we’ll identify your priorities for the next three months. 

✔️ After the call you’ll get a content calendar so you know exactly what content you and/or your team need to create and when.

✔️ Every month you and/or your team can submit your content for review. I’ll make suggestions to optimise for different platforms and formats.

This package also includes on-call support for all your marketing questions plus video trainings, templates, and swipe-files to help you and/or your team create effective content.


B2B Copywriting Services

I also work with a small number of consultants to create effective lead-generating website, Linkedin and email copy. Availability is limited. Prices available on request.

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Hi! I'm Sue Holloway...

What’s stopping you from going to the next level in your consulting business?

➡ Maybe you’re working really hard to bring in clients and you’d love to be able to focus on doing what you do best. 

➡ Maybe you’re finding potential clients aren’t saying yes as easily in the current climate. You’d love a strong content foundation so when they come to you they already know you and are ready to work with you. 

➡ Maybe you’re spending too much time on prospects who aren’t quite right for you – they don’t have the exact problem you want to solve, they aren’t in the industry you’d like to target, or they aren’t at the right stage of business so they can’t afford your prices. You know you need help with positioning to attract the right people. 

I can help focus your marketing to fill your pipeline with perfect-fit prospects. 

When you have messaging that speaks directly to the people you want to work with, your leads will come straight to you, ready to get to work. 

You’ll have systems in place to make enquiries happen, from prospects who are a fit for your services and already know, like and trust you. This means, they’re much more likely to say yes.

I love getting to know my clients really well, so we can build a marketing strategy that’s focused on the specific needs of your business.

If you’re looking for a marketing partner to help you reach the next level in your business, let’s talk. 

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What clients are saying

Home: Testimonials

Clear? Efficient? Authentic? Check, check, check. I have worked with Sue on several projects, and she is always on point. I am very picky about writing (simply because I love it so much) so I don't say any of this lightly. I appreciate Sue's ability to quickly distill complex or nebulous topics, and she deftly guides the intake process so it is a pleasure to work with her. Plus she layers on additional expertise to make sure that the content yields results. If you are worried that she won't be able to capture what you do or who you are, prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Meghan Lynch, Six-Point Creative 


Having spent time thoroughly understanding my business, my team, me and my clients, Sue has provided us with a social media strategy that is generating results. To ensure our messaging is consistent and aligns with our strategy Sue provides hands on support with our content each month. 

Sue is thorough, clear in her instructions and always willing to provide the support I need. Because of Sue I'm seeing results and having fun!

Laura Joyce, Laura Joyce Wealth Management


I hired Sue to write the copy for my new website, which was hard because I'm a writer—I should be able to do this for myself! Alas, working with Sue was the right decision. She has a solid process and was able to articulate all the things I wanted to say but just couldn't get out on (figurative) paper. She is communicative, thorough, detail oriented, deadline driven, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her!

Rhiannon Hendrickson, Orapin: Purpose-Driven PR


I worked with Sue to update my website content and I am so happy with the results. My website now clearly identifies and appeals to my ideal clients, and they understand the value of working with me right away. Sue made the process so easy and quickly developed a true understanding of my business and personality. Her copy captures my unique process, vision, and client results. What a great investment!

Anna Kate Anderson, Executive Resumes & Outplacement Services


Sue always delivers quality writing, on time, and absolutely in line with my brand and voice. If you want the peace of mind to know your content is taken care of, hire Sue.

Tam Henderson, Copykooks


We experienced a 30% increase in sales using Sue’s case study. It’s professional, evergreen, and packed FULL of results that our customers really connect with. There aren’t many people I’d trust with my customers – but I knew they were in safe hands with Sue.

Lorraine Windsor, The Social Matrix


It’s astounding how well Sue nails my voice. No one knows that I'm not writing my content, unless I tell them – it's that good.

Abbi Friedman Perets, Successful Freelance Mom


I really looked forward to our calls and I came out of the process with a lot more clarity around my messaging and target audience as a result. I can thoroughly recommend working with Sue. She makes the whole process seamless and easy.

Cat Preston, The Collective Wisdom Podcast

Ready to build strong marketing foundations that will help you take your business to the next level?

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